America’s Test Kitchen moving to the Seaport

The Boston Globe | By Janelle Nanos
September 20, 2016

test-kitchenAfter two decades in Brookline, there may finally be too many cooks in America’s Test Kitchen.

On Wednesday, the media company, which publishes Cook’s Illustrated and produces popular cooking shows for public television, announced plans to leave its Brookline Village headquarters and relocate to a larger, 55,000-square-foot space in the Seaport’s Innovation and Design Building next summer.

The move is being heralded as a sign of growth for ATK, which now has more than 200 employees and produces the most popular live cooking show on television. The company says it plans to launch new programming, podcasts, videos, and recipe content out of the space. And it’s another win for the building’s developer, Jamestown Properties, which has slotted a host of new tenants into the renovated design building since taking over its lease in 2013.

ATK’s new location will be nearly twice the size of its current home. The Brookline space, despite undergoing a major renovation in 2014, has largely remained the same for nearly a decade, said Jack Bishop, the company’s chief creative officer. As the staff has grown over time, the kitchen has gotten increasingly crowded, particularly during the three weeks each May when the Cook’s Illustrated testers have to cede the stovetops to the “America’s Test Kitchen” film crews to produce a year’s worth of television shows.

“We’re somewhat on top of each other,” Bishop said. The problem has only worsened as the company has escalated its video offerings. “Now we want to film every single day, with Facebook Live and Web video.”

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