Baker will commit $78 million to UMass Boston garage project

The Boston Globe | By Laura Krantz
April 24, 2017

Governor Charlie Baker’s office announced Monday that it will commit $78 million toward the project to demolish the crumbling underground parking garage at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

The administration will provide the money in its capital budget for fiscal year 2018, which is set to be released in the coming weeks, a Baker spokeswoman said on Monday.

The governor’s office said the new funds reflect its commitment to “ensure UMass remains a successful and competitive public university system for Massachusetts students.”

The announcement comes a day after a Sunday Globe story about problems with the garage and the disagreement between the UMass Boston campus, the central UMass system office, and the state over who should pay to remove the garage. The governor’s office on Monday said the money is not in response to the story and was already in the capital budget.

The garage demolition project is expected to cost between $150 million and $260 million, depending on different estimates from the state and UMass.

The underground structure forms the foundation for several main buildings on campus as well as the central plaza. It has been crumbling for years and was closed to the public in 2006. In the interim the campus has spent $40 million on stabilization measures.

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