Boston’s Seaport could soon get 2,100 new parking spots

The Boston Globe | By Jon Chesto
March 5, 2017

Not long ago, the Seaport District was mostly parking lots catering to suburban commuters who didn’t want to pay downtown Boston prices or use public transit.

But the glass boxes that have sprung up in the past decade inexorably changed the parking calculus on the South Boston Waterfront, to the point where the area is at risk of having too few spaces.

Now, two big garage projects, each subsidized by a government agency, are being teed up to help ease the crunch.

The first is a 1,550-space “transportation center” the Massachusetts Port Authority is building on D Street near the convention center. Massport recently started construction on the $85 million project, with a goal of completing it by year’s end.

Meanwhile, the Boston Planning & Development Agency is looking for an engineering firm to design a nearly 550-space expansion to an existing garage a few blocks away, in the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park. The city’s project, along Drydock Avenue, would cost as much as $22 million.

The $6-a-day option is long gone from the Seaport. However, many of the surface spaces that were lost have been replaced by more expensive spots in the new buildings.

But that doesn’t mean the need has gone away.

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