Braintree condo plan meets with oppositionx

Residents cite traffic, effect on schools as reasons for opposing a plan for a 142-unit condominium development on Adams Street in Braintree.

Patriot Ledger | By Fred Hanson
November 3, 2016

BRAINTREE – Plans for a condominium development at an Adams Street concrete plant met strong opposition at a community meeting Wednesday night.

More than 150 people attended the meeting in the East Middle School auditorium, most in opposition to developer George Lang’s proposal to build 142 two-bedroom condominiums on the 16-acre property of Graziano Concrete at 71 Adams St.

Speaker after speaker said the development would worsen traffic congestion and increase cut-through traffic in the area, crowd the nearby elementary schools and further strain the town’s water resources. They also felt the town was becoming overdeveloped, citing the 178 apartments in a development now under construction in Weymouth Landing just over a mile away.

“You have a big problem on your hands if you want this to go through,” said Kelly Moore, president of the North Braintree Civic Association.

Brian Palmucci, a lawyer representing Lang, said the developer is “proposing to mitigate some of the problems you already have.”

Jack Gillon, a traffic engineer for the project, said the development would add about 1,000 vehicle trips to Adams Street daily. He said the road now carries 6,600 vehicles daily. He said no additional traffic lights would be needed since there are “sufficient gaps” in the traffic to allow vehicles to exit.

Christopher Lewis of Hawthorn Road said traffic in the area is “a nightmare now. It will be horrendous” if the development is built.

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