Brookline gets extra time to review affordable housing proposals

The Boston Globe | By John Hilliard
January 6, 2016

BROOKLINE — After selectmen expressed concern that reviewing 10 proposed affordable housing developments placed too much strain on staff and volunteers, the state’s housing agency has granted more time for local officials to clear the backlog of projects.

But Chrystal Kornegay, undersecretary for the Department of Housing and Community Development, declined to grant Brookline selectmen’s request for a six-month moratorium on new applications by developers for projects under the state’s affordable housing law, Chapter 40B.

Developers will still be able to submit new proposals, but local officials have more flexibility in when they review them, said Neil Wishinsky, Brookline’s selectmen chairman.

“It allows us to hold them in line until there is an opening in the line,” said Wishinsky.
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On Dec. 8, Brookline selectmen asked DHCD, which has the authority to issue regulatory waivers, and three other affordable housing subsidizing agencies, for the moratorium on new developments and additional time on reviewing existing ones.

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