Burlington planning board hears updates for Corporate Drive apartments

Wicked Local Burlington | By Kimberly Burnett
January 24, 2017

A proposed apartment complex will satisfy the requirement set by the state for municipalities to have 10 percent of total stock dedicated to affordable housing.

The property, off Corporate Drive, is owned by the Davis Companies. Chris Chandor, vice president of development at the Davis Companies and attorney Robert Buckley of Riemer & Braunstein came before the planning board on Jan. 19 to give an update on the proposal and number of units, which was originally brought before the board in early 2015.

Burlington currently falls at 10.5 percent, according to Planning Director Kristin Kassner, however, this number can change following the 2020 census when population, and subsequently affordable housing percentage, are recalculated.

Kassner said this number does not account for the 18 units located in the The Tremont. Once these are calculated, the 10.5 percent number will change.

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