City Council passes Folly Hill zoning

Number of potential units greatly reduced

The Salem News | By Arianna MacNeill
March 20, 2017

BEVERLY — Future development at Folly Hill is now limited by new zoning, but there could still be large-scale development there.

The City Council gave the final approval to the zoning changes, Monday night. There was no discussion by the council; the decision was unanimous.

Under the new zoning, the city increased the minimum required lot size per new residence, reducing the maximum scope of development from over 700 apartments on the 76-acre parcel, down to about 172 units.

It also limits what could be built on the site — single-family homes are allowed by right, but any multi-family residences, like apartments, would need a city-issued special permit.

But the city isn’t free from the threat of potential mass development there.

The Reeve family, which owns the entire parcel, filed a preliminary subdivision plan last September, which froze the past zoning for seven months. If they file a definitive plan in April, they can freeze the past zoning for the next eight years.

Aaron Clausen, city planning director, said in February that the owners were working on a traffic impact analysis.

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