Clarendon Hill redevelopment prompts traffic, parking worries

Wicked Local Somerville | By Kate House
November 29, 2016

clarendon-hillAs plans for the redevelopment of Somerville Housing Authority’s Clarendon Hill property continue to move forward, some nearby residents are expressing concerns about possible future parking and traffic issues.

Non-profit affordable housing developers Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) and Somerville Community Corporation and real estate investment/development firm Gate Residential are partnering with the Somerville Housing Authority to replace 216 public housing units (which will remain permanently affordable) and add close to 400 new market-rate and middle-income units. Currently, the development team estimates that 46 percent of the new Clarendon Hill units will qualify as affordable housing.

The increase from the original 216 units to what may total 600 units has raised questions about the future of parking in neighborhoods around Clarendon Hill. While 0.4 parking spaces per unit are allotted to the current property, the new development will include a ratio of 0.75 spaces per unit.

All site plans presented to the public thus far by the development team indicate that parking will be provided by lots tucked under what will be four new buildings and further hidden by new landscaping.

One resident of North Street, which borders Clarendon Hill, said that despite the below-building parking lots, she anticipates that on-street parking in the neighborhood will only become worse.

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