Councilors want more details about proposed Quincy Center garage

There will be at least one more meeting about the proposed 15-story building in Quincy Center

Patriot Ledger | By Sean Philip Cotter
January 9, 2017

QUINCY – City council received an assessment of the value of the parcel where the largest building in Quincy would be proposed to go, but councilors still have questions.

Longtime Quincy developer Peter O’Connell is proposing to build a 15-story mixed-use building on a 13,526-square-foot parcel in the northern corner of the city-owned Hancock lot. The building would hold 124 apartments above 4,000 square feet of retail space.

In a Monday night meeting of the city council’s ordinance committee, councilors pressed administration representatives on the fact that they’re being asked to vote on this without having the final details of a large city-owned parking garage that would have to go next to the development for it to be viable.

“You’re asking me to get on a train without telling me where it’s going,” said Ward 4 councilor Brian Palmucci to city consultant Pam McKinney.

Ward 2 Councilor Brad Croall had similar issues had similar concerns about the lack of information about the garage, which could hold as many as 700 spots.

“Why are we not being shown some proof of concept of this garage?” Croall asked of William Geary, who oversees downtown development for the city.

Geary said that when the garage comes before council, the body will have several options to choose from as to how it is built and how many spots are in it. The garage would go in the middle of the Hancock lot, which has about 500 spaces.

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