Developer presents plan for former Parkwell building

The Bulletin Newspapers | By Christopher Roberson
January 11, 2017

Ten months after closing, Parkwell Nursing Home has been identified by the Nordblom Company as a favorable location for a 46-unit apartment building.

Todd Fremont-Smith, a senior vice president at Nordblom, presented his proposal to the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA) on Jan. 5, saying he already made his presentation to the Fairmount Hill Neighborhood Association (FHNA).

He said that during last month’s FHNA meeting, that group cited an insufficient number of parking spaces, which compelled Fremont-Smith to lower the unit count to 46 and increase the number of parking spaces to 58.

However, he said 58 spaces for 46 units is the best he can do, as he has no intention of changing the footprint of the 48,000 square-foot building.

“We’ve pushed it as far as we can, it’s a math problem,” said Fremont-Smith. Despite the parking adjustment, he said a variance will still be required as well as a variance for multi-family housing.

Fremont-Smith said other variances will be needed as well, however, he was unable to identify them during the meeting, which did not sit well with resident Joseph Smith.

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