October 7, 2016 – Dorchester, Massachusetts

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 103 stands in solidarity with those members of Carmen’s Local 589 for their resolve to draw the public’s attention to the “shell game” being played by Governor Baker with his plans for privatization.  Governor Baker’s unwillingness to outline his plan, share documents or justify his motivation to gut the MBTA workforce serves as a smoke screen for a Governor who is leading the race to the bottom for all workers, union or not, across our Commonwealth.  His plans to privatize the jobs of long time workers will not create greater efficiency or equity for MBTA riders, but they will put men and women in Massachusetts out of work while providing jobs for a company from Virginia.  Unfortunately, Governor Baker has made it clear that this is only the beginning.

Governor Baker’s decision to outsource the MBTA money room operations is ill-conceived, especially his choice of, Virginia-based, Brink’s. Recent media reports have outlined stories of Brink’s’ employees walking off the job while filing complaints concerning low wages, no overtime pay, sealed trucks with no air conditioning, and cuts to retirement benefits.  Moreover, there have been wide-spread reports, as recently as just a few months ago, about Brink’s employees around the country who have been arrested and accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from money rooms just like those Governor Baker is putting them in charge of here.

“It should give pause to all Massachusetts workers, especially to those non-union ones so enamored with the Governor Baker’s plan to privatize the Commonwealth, that his first move toward gutting the MBTA is to tap Brink’s, a company headquartered in Virginia, a “right-to-work” state, to take the jobs and count the money of taxpaying Massachusetts residents,” said John Dumas, Business Manager of IBEW, Local 103. “From a Governor charged with protecting Massachusetts, outsourcing public work to a Virginia company is scary, to say the least.”

Press contact: John P. Dumas | (617) 436-3710 ext 5

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 103, is comprised of over 7,500 professional electricians and technicians serving Greater Boston, including, currently, the MBTA. Our well-trained, highly-skilled membership is the most efficient and safest in the industry, providing exceptional value to developers and general contractors across the region. Our mission is to provide Greater Boston’s developers with the best trained, most efficient, safest electricians and telecommunications specialists, while fostering our Union’s values of economic fairness, equal opportunity and charitable giving in the communities we work, live and raise our families.