Market to replace eyesore in Savin Hill

Dorchester Reporter | By Jennifer Smith
March 23, 2017

Real estate developer James Baker is proposing a three-story commercial building for a high-profile corner of Savin Hill Avenue and Sydney Street, featuring a first-floor neighborhood market.

The building would replace what is now a boarded up, defunct variety store that has been an eyesore on Savin Hill’s main drag for years. The site at 110 Savin Hill Ave. is steps from the Savin Hill station, near the Savin Bar and Kitchen and the Cristo Rey High School and across from McKenna’s Cafe.

Baker explained his current plans for the property at a meeting of the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association’s planning committee on Tuesday evening.

“I see this as, frankly I’ll refer to this as an aspirational development, or really something that could be part of the heartbeat of the neighborhood, and something that would keep me busy and interested for the next ten years,” Baker said at the meeting.

The project is “in process; we haven’t filed anything with the city yet,” Baker said, adding that “in an ideal world, we’d like to be able to start building by the fall or winter. If not, it’ll be next spring,” he said.

Baker purchased the property using an LLC that he controls in July 2016. It was acquired from the previous owner Anthony Desmond for $850,000, according to records. At the time, Baker said the property would likely make way for a mixed-use residential and commercial building.

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