Mixed-use project would replace Talbot Ave. church

Dorchester Reporter | By Jennifer Smith
March 23, 2017

A mixed-used development would replace an existing Lutheran church at the intersection of Talbot Avenue and Argyle Street in Ashmont if a buyer’s plans are approved.

James Baker, who has entered into an agreement to buy the site for an undisclosed amount, told the Reporter that the deal requires “worship space in the new building,” which may end up as a community space that the current congregation and other members of the public could use.

The 17,554-square-foot lot is known around the neighborhood as 500 Talbot Ave., though the address is 8 Argyle St. It comprises most of the southern half of a triangular block between Talbot and Welles Avenues and Argyle Street.

“The lot itself, the reason we’re interested,” Baker said, “is it’s close to public transit, so it has that transit-oriented aspect to it. And it’s a great neighborhood.” Its proximity to other mixed-use developments, like the new Treadmark building near Ashmont Station, would add context for such a project within the Ashmont/Peabody area, he said.

No agreed-upon purchase price was disclosed. Boston city records valued the lot at $1.12 million in Fiscal Year 2017.

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