Moulton steps up the pressure for a North-South Rail Link

The Boston Globe | By Jon Chesto
October 20, 2016

Until recently, former governors Michael Dukakis and Bill Weld were the most high-profile champions for a seemingly quixotic quest to get the North South Rail Link built.

They’re well respected in Boston, but neither has much power in Washington these days.

That’s changed now that Representative Seth Moulton, the up-and-coming congressman from the North Shore, has called construction of the multibillion-dollar tunnel to connect North and South stations a top priority.

Moulton stepped up his efforts on Wednesday by seeking support from the New England Council, a business group, and calling the project “the most significant infrastructure project contemplated for the

He argues that the link would significantly increase the capacity at South Station by allowing trains to continue to North Station and points north of the city, instead of having to back out of their parking spaces and go in reverse. The link, he said, would have the added benefit of stitching together the MBTA’s two separate commuter rail systems.

“It takes longer to get from North Station to the South Boston Seaport than it does to get all the way from Salem to North Station,” Moulton said.

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