North Quincy T development moves forward

The city agreed to waive its “air rights” to the property, allowing the MBTA to continue with its plan allow a large moxed0use development on the station.

Patriot Ledger | By Sean Philip Cotter
December 20, 2016

QUINCY – With city council approving the leasing of the city’s “air rights” over the North Quincy MBTA station, the developers proposing putting more than 600 apartments and 50,000 square feet of retail space on the property anticipate coming before Quincy permitting boards within the next couple of months.

City council unanimously voted Monday night to let the T lease out the air space over the station. The T owns the land, but the city had retained the right to refuse any development that happens above the ground level.

Several councilors stressed that the vote on Monday did not mean that they were approving the project.

With the air rights waived, D.J. MacKinnon, president of Atlantic Development, said on Tuesday that this clears the way for his company and its partners in this proposed development to begin to seek more final approval for the project.

“With that in place, we look forward to starting to work through the approval process,” he said. McKinnon said that his company and its partners are taking the feedback they’ve received in public hearings into account, but he doesn’t anticipate any significant changes to what they have proposed.

The Hingham-based Atlantic Development is partnering with the Bozzuto Group of Washington, D.C., to form an LLC called North Quincy Partners, which is in charge of the proposed development.

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