State plans massive new Quincy court complex

The state proposes investing $156 million in a new “regional justice center” in Quincy.

Patriot Ledger | By Sean Philip Cotter
April 11, 2017

QUINCY – The state trial court administration wants to invest more than $156 million to replace Quincy District Court with a much larger courthouse complex that would also serve as Norfolk County’s superior criminal court.

The state court system announced this week as part of its 161-page, 20-year “master plan,” which says that the aging and overburdened Quincy District Courthouse is due to be completely replaced with a “regional justice center” that includes Quincy district and juvenile court, Norfolk County superior criminal court and housing court and the corresponding probation departments.

All of Norfolk County’s superior court services right now are located in Dedham. The civil court proceedings would remain there after the criminal sessions moved, said state courts spokeswoman Jennifer Donahue in an email Tuesday evening.

Donahue wrote that there’s no informational available yet as to where the new courthouse complex would be – whether it would remain at 1 Dennis Ryan Parkway where the Francis X. Bellotti Quincy District Court sits, or if it’d end up somewhere else in the city.

There’s no timeline for when this would happen yet, she said, as a bond bill would have to be introduced and approved before any work would start. She said that the trial-court system still has to coordinate with the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to put together the formal request, but that Quincy’s court of high importance for the system.
“A new Quincy courthouse is a priority for the Trial Court,” Donahue wrote.

In the capital plan, the “New Norfolk Quincy RJC” project is slated for the first of three phases, so the trial court system aims for this project to happen in the next five years.

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