Three sites, tough choices for new Lowell High

Most officials hope school stays downtown

Lowell Sun | By Grant Welker
December 27, 2016

Pawtucketville Citizens Council has heard worries from residents about the proposed location, said Deb Forgione, the group’s co-chair.

Any new traffic for the school would add to the already difficult cross-river commute, making it “horrendous,” Forgione said. It would also take away important recreational space for the neighborhood, would add to existing parking issues and may be too large a building for the site, she said.

A city councilor who lives nearby, Rodney Elliott, called the proposed site “not practical” with the amount of traffic it would add to the bridges.

“I don’t think it makes any sense at all whatsoever,” he said.

The Cawley Stadium site would bring its own challenges in bringing so many students and staff to a corner of the city.

“Centrally located is the way to go,” said Jon Geer, the president of the Belvidere Neighborhood Association, making comments he said reflecting his own thoughts, not those of the whole group. “I would think it would really be a challenge to get kids all the way across town.”

Traffic in the neighborhood is already bad, and would be made worse by the school, Geer said. But the father of Lowell High School graduates stressed that a new or renovated school is important for the city.

“It really benefits the city, I think, and keeps families here that have school-aged kids, or attract new families,” he said.

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