• Meriel Marina Bay

    630,000 sq. feet. 352 units. Incredible amenities and location. It’s Meriel Marina Bay. Because of the pre-planning and pre-construction work done by the contractor, the architect, and, of course, IBEW Local 103 and Cruz Electric, this project was a huge success. We are the professionally trained, meticulously safe, power professionals of IBEW Local 103 – that’s the 103 advantage.

  • Business Manager’s Minute: September 2017

    With new leadership comes new, innovative ideas that will not only expand our membership and our involvement in community projects – it will expand our reach into new markets and tap new resources that were being left undeveloped. One of those new ideas is the Business Manager’s Minute. We want to effectively bridge the gap between Local leadership and labor, so, each month Lou Antonellis will be reaching out directly to you to give you...

  • Debt Free Education Available at the Union Apprenticeship School

    The electrical apprenticeship program at IBEW Local 103 IBEW and the Greater Boston Electrical JATC is a debt free proposition to anyone who completes the program; unlike the traditional approach to higher education seen at state colleges in Massachusetts.

  • Debt Free Higher Education at Local 103 Apprenticeship School TV Spot (Female 30)

  • Debt Free Higher Education at Local 103 Apprenticeship School TV Spot (Male 30)

  • Stand Down 2015

    Local 103, IBEW continues is rich and proud tradition of being a valuable community partner with it’s involvement in Boston Stand Down 2015.

  • 2015 Wellness Event and Blood Drive

    Our mission is to make the pursuit of health and wellness a priority of everyone.

  • Boston’s Healthiest Union TV Spot

    Health and Wellness is a priority for Local 103 and Boston NECA. We are on our way to becoming Boston’s Healthiest Union.

  • Rogue Solar Installations

    In Massachusetts, solar power is a booming industry. ┬áThing is – what many homeowners and businesses don’t realize is that the installation practices by some solar companies are putting citizens at risk. ┬áDangerous, even deadly situations have arisen and Local 103 IBEW in partnership with it’s sister-locals are doing their part to inform the general public about this issue.

  • “College Educated” Local 103 Members – Wentworth Institute of Technology

    As the construction industry continues to evolve – as it gets more technical, more advanced in the types of systems our members are called upon to install and maintain – we must advance along with it and ahead of the curve. Through this innovative partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology our members are going back to school and earning their associates, bachelors and towards their masters degrees.

  • Local 103 Member & Wentworth Graduate – Louis Froston TV Spot

    Louis always wanted to go back to school and earn his degree. Thanks to an innovative partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology, he’s now a college graduate.

  • Local 103 IBEW Member & Wentworth Grad: Jason Murphy TV Spot

    Jason is a proud member and upon hearing about the partnership with Wentworth and 103, he felt he owed it to himself, his family, and his union to get his college degree.

  • Local 103 IBEW Member & Wentworth Grad: Kelly Nygren TV Spot

    Kelly was searching for a way to stand out; to be more marketable. She found that the partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology allowed her to do that and more.

  • Local 103 IBEW Historical Perspectives – Dick Monahan

    Chronicling the history of Local 103 in these stories of the past.

  • Community Involvement

    Finding the free time needed to be active members of our communities, for the past 100 years and the next.

  • Retirees Luncheon – March 2014

    An afternoon to reconvene and reconnect with our retired members over lunch; a brief presentation was made on the status of the local’s pension, health and welfare, job picture and training.

  • 17 Percent More Productive

    An independent group of industry experts surveyed hundreds of projects in the United States and around the world to study productivity in construction.

  • Children’s Hospital Fun Centers

    This touching story examines one of those efforts; in partnering with Starlight Children’s Foundation and Boston Children’s to bring mobile gaming units to patients in need.

  • 103 & The Military

    IBEW’s commitment to service men and women who’ve given their all for our country. They’re now given the chance to earn a middle-class income and have a profession to work at.

  • Volunteering Without Boarders – Haiti Hospital Construction

    IBEW Local 103 continually volunteers their time and talents to assist those in need. This is a video about helping to provide quality health care in Haiti by wiring a new hospital in the Central Plateau after the devastating earthquake of 2010.

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