Walsh plan targets corners of Boston for development

The Boston Globe | By Tim Logan
November 17, 2016

boston-devBoston needs to expand the development boom underway in the central part of the city to its further corners if it hopes to keep up with job and population growth over the next few decades.

That’s the thrust of a long-range city plan the Walsh administration has been drafting for months; it released the first draft of the Imagine Boston 2030 plan Thursday afternoon.

In addition to targeting development is under-built neighborhoods, the city plan also outlines a strategy to add more housing, new job centers and open space, and to wrestle with rising sea levels that could someday swamp much of the city’s bustling waterfront.

One key element in the 300-page document is “expanding neighborhoods.” The plan identifies a half-dozen corners of the city — from Sullivan Square and Suffolk Downs in the north to Readville in the southwest — that could accommodate large mixed-use development.

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