Wollaston-area project back, now as a 40B proposal

The proposal would bring 40 apartments, 10 income restricted, to Wollaston.

Patriot Ledger | By Sean Philip Cotter
April 5, 2017

QUINCY – The first housing project in Quincy history under the state’s so-called “anti-snob” zoning law could end up in the Wollaston area.
B&D Property Management hopes to build 40 apartments at the corner of Warren Avenue and Old Colony Avenue, with 10 of the units being income-restricted.

Quincy’s zoning board of appeals will hear the proposal during the board’s next meeting, at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday at city hall.

The zoning board is the only local permitting body that needs to approve the project because Massachusetts’ Chpater 40B law remove several permitting and zoning hurdles in communities that don’t meet certain affordable-housing standards.

Two years ago, the city’s planning and zoning boards approved a very similar proposal by the same developers for the land at 118 Old Colony Ave. and 54 and 60 Warren Ave. That project, which would have featured 40 one-bedroom units on top of 36 parking spots, drew some community resistance at the time. Neighbors’ appeal of the zoning board’s decision tied up the project in Norfolk County Superior Court. The Boncaldo family, which owns B&D, eventually withdrew the proposal.

The new plan has two more parking spots, and four of the apartments now have three bedrooms. Also, 10 of the apartments would be what the state calls “workforce housing,” restricted to people making around the area’s median income.

Phil Boncaldo, whose family owns the two four-family homes and the office building at the corner now, said Wednesday that they made the choice to bring the project back as a 40B proposal in order to secure some monetary assistance from the state.

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