The fundamental source of union strength has always been organizing workers.

In virtually every region of the country, there is a resurgence in construction, organizing. In part, this is because the ability of unions to gain improvements in pay and working conditions is a function of the percentage of the workforce which is organized in the labor market area.


As growing numbers of IBEW members renew the commitment to the organizing mission, a progressive path to revitalize the unionized electrical industry is emerging. Rather than lowering the costs of our labor in order to compete, and thus driving down the standards in the industry, IBEW locals are pursuing strategies that improve the conditions of members and put our contractors on equal footing with non union contractors in order to elevate the conditions of the entire industry. From salting to job targeting, from intervention in the permit process, to the creation of community coalitions, we are now on the move. By regaining control of the skilled electrical labor supply through organizing, we are recapturing the market share, and restoring wages and benefits to levels where they rightfully belong. New tactics are being employed and age old strategies are being revisited.