Top 10 Unfair Labor Practices According to the National Labor Relations Board

  1. Your employer has no right to cause interference with the employee’s right to decide whether or not they wish to have a union representing them.
  2. An employer can not interfere with the unions internal affairs. In general an employer should remain neutral during any organizing campaign.
  3. Meetings with the employees as a captive audience cannot be used by their employer as a forum or opportunity to criticize the union.
  4. An employer interferes with the affairs of a trade union when it prohibits the wearing of union pins in the work place.
  5. An employer initiating petition for employees to withdraw their support of a union is also deemed as interference and not allowed.
  6. Any employers communications with employees must concern business affairs and not unionization.
  7. Comments like “the employees would be better off without a union” amounts to interference and is not allowed under the law.
  8. An employer cannot issue a bulletin to employees that sends an implicit message that employees can obtain a wage increase without a union.
  9. An employer cannot say:
    1. union representation will not benefit the employees
    2. employees may speak about the subject with employer representatives
    3. there will be serious consequences for the company if you go union
  10. An employer who promises that conditions would improve if they did not unionize would be conducting an unfair labor practice. An employer must remain neutral during an organizing campaign.