Fenway Park

  • Installation of systems during off season under strict project schedules
  • Green Monster Seats – Lighting, power and sound system for new seating above the Green Monster
  • EMC and State Street Pavilions – New social clubs located behind home plate
  • Suite Renovations – Lighting and electrical upgrade of luxury boxes
  • Club House Renovation – Upgrade of home and away club houses
  • Scoreboards – Installation of various scoreboards throughout the park
  • Field and Signage Lighting – Upgrade and maintain all ball park lighting
  • On-site electricians – Present each day for maintenance and service
  • Game Staff – Electrician on-site for each baseball game or special event to ensure that all systems are functioning without disruption

Workforce Required:

  • 60-70 electricians and technicians on-site each day during off season construction projects. One-two electricians each day during all baseball games and special events.
  • Mobilize up to 20 additional electricians to Fenway when needed during the baseball season.

Location: Boston, MA

Contractor: Sullivan & McLaughlin

Date of Completion: