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Have you seen the new lights in Local 103’s Parking Lot?
If you’ve been by the IBEW Local 103 Union Hall in Dorchester recently, you might have noticed some big changes going on in the parking lot. In an effort to be more energy sufficient, Local 103 is proud to have acquired Illumient Hybrid and Solar Powered Off-Grid LED Lighting Systems. Illumient Hybrid and Solar Powered Off-Grid LED Lighting Systems can meet national lighting standards for parking lots. The system is much more cost effective than traditional grid-tie HID systems since costly trenching, wiring and electrical connection is eliminated.

About Illumient
Illumient’s vision is to bring the world of environmentally-friendly outdoor lighting into the technology age and deliver off-grid lighting solutions that are easy to install, operate and maintain. We believe our lighting system is unique in the industry. By combining high quality components, a well-designed and fully-engineered lighting system and Web-based remote monitoring and control, we provide the highest quality solution at a very cost-effective price. From a maintenance point of view what we can do with our lighting system far exceeds what a technician could do in the field, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Installation of our lighting systems is quick and easy, eliminating the cost of trenching and cabling.
  • As over 60% of lighting energy cost is in distribution, thousands of dollars can be saved up front by eliminating power infrastructure for small loads.
  • The next largest cost of ownership is maintenance , which is why remote trouble shooting and adaptability eliminates costly multiple site visits that average a minimum of $200 each.

How Does it Work?
Illumient’s management service, Horizon Cloud Control, is unique in the lighting industry. Each light automatically sends real time information to Horizon, allowing our technicians and owners of systems to ensure the highest level of reliability at all times. Horizon’s built-in wireless connectivity to your Illumient system monitors a variety of status indicators, including the amount of energy generated by solar panels and wind turbines. The system also monitors weather factors which could impede performance as well. Through Horizon you can change lighting profiles and control other aspects of the system. All Horizon services are accessible from any Internet-connected device utilizing a modern browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.) Modern smartphones such as the iPhone, or Android can access the system as can the latest tablets.

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