This is a crucial time for working men and women. Working families face unprecedented pressures: on our jobs, on our wages, on our health insurance, on our pensions, and on our time.

The unprecedented pressures we face arise from an unprecedented assault. Over the last 25 years, political power has shifted dramatically to corporate and wealthy special interests and away from working families. Since November 1994, our representatives — elected to represent us but, in many cases, controlled by corporate special interests — have assaulted 60 years of progress. They have taken up schemes to undercut or destroy what working families and our unions fought to build; the 40-hour work week, prevailing wages, Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, education and student loans, job health and safety enforcement, and our right to organize unions.

For too many years, the voices of working people have been drowned out in the political process. A lot of workers are starting to think their voices don’t matter anymore.

And that’s why we must educate and mobilize people who work for a living around the issues that affect our lives and our children’s futures. You are not alone in the pressures or the worries you face. Together, our voices can make a difference. Together, we can fight for our rights — in Congress and on the job.

During election years, we must put more volunteers into Congressional districts than ever before. There is a need to conduct massive voter education and get out the vote efforts. We should judge candidates by the issues that affect our lives and mobilize workers to campaign and vote for candidates who stand with us and then hold them accountable, once they are elected.

Educating our members is the single most important step we can take to getting all Americans back to work at well paying jobs. We must organize and work together with the IBEW and AFL-CIO nationally, to protect our jobs and workers rights — well informed people have extraordinary power.

This is not about Republicans and Democrats. Its about candidates who stand with working families on issues that affect our lives, our parents, and our children’s futures. It’s time for working people to get informed , get involved and make our country a nation that respects workers and rewards work.

All of this takes a lot of money. Over the years, IBEW Local 103 has played a major role in educating workers and providing a significant amount of money to the National IBEW. Committee on Political Education.

What Can You Do to Help?

Volunteer when the Local needs help for voter registration drives, get out the vote campaigns, phone banks, visibility days, writing politicians on key issues, etc. Also, if you haven’t already signed a voluntary PAC-COPE card, please do so!

Help us to rebuild the union movement and to make more job opportunities for our members.

If you have any questions regarding how you can get involved or need more information on how the .04 per hour is spent, please call me at the office (617) 436-3710.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

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